Monday, April 25, 2011

"I don't practice santaria...

I aint got no crystal ball" - Sublime

There's irony in some of the coincidences surrounding my 2nd IVF and the timing of my 2ww:
- It's National Infertility Awareness Week
- Spring has sprung in the northeast and all the tulips have bloomed
- Easter..."a new birth into a living hope". Catholics believe it's a chance to start over again; a new opportunity to get it right.

Religion does not play a role in my life. Though raised Catholic, the last time I was in church was my wedding day 3 years ago. The time before that was over 15 years ago. Maybe this is why I found this unusual well-wisher so awesome.

My sister works in a rehabilitation home for senior citizens. One of her colleagues, a nurse, is Haitian creole an practices voodoo. Last week sis told this nurse about my IVF. This woman immediately launched into a Caribbean fertility dance for me right in the middle of the home. She also noted it's a great time to get knocked up because it's holy week. I've learned that throughout the week this woman has continued to "pray" for me and my embryos. No animals were harmed in this practice...I asked.

I'm at 4dp3dt and have a few symptoms, but nothing worth getting excited about. My boobies are sore, but not unbearable. My gut is bloated, but then again it kind of always is. Heartburn and nausea could be attributed to the fact that I can't. stop. eating! Then there's the dizziness and the mild, mild cramping. Anyway, for shits and giggles I POAS this morning. White as a ghost. I'll keep testing every morning from here on out. I've already spent tens of thousands, what's another couple bucks for HPT's. Plus, it's got to turn positive one day soon. I wouldn't want to upset the gods now, would I?

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